Top Ten Charter School Myths


10. Charter teachers can't unionize. 

Yes they can, and some here in Massachusetts have. 

9. Charters are operated by for-profit companies.

Not in Massachusetts. In fact, for-profit charters are illegal under Massachusetts law. 

8. Charters are not public schools. 

Charters are public schools, operated independently from a school district, with taxpayer funds. 

7. Question 2 is supported by “dark money” from Wall Street types who are just interested in lining their own pockets.

Question 2 is supported by a wide range of people. Because Massachusetts charters are non-profit there is no way for donors to Yes on 2 to profit from their growth. One of the donors, for example, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg regularly donates to causes he believes in, such as equality for LGBTQ people, the environment and gun control.

6. Charters pick and choose the best students to increase the school's test scores.

Under state law, Charter schools enroll students through a blind lottery. Anyone can apply and attend. The current problem is that there are not seats for every student who wants one. 

5. Charters drain money from regular public schools.

Funds earmarked for public education follow the student wherever he/she goes to school. If a student leaves a district school to attend a charter, the district receives a reimbursement for six years, which actually means more money is dedicated to public education. 

4. Charters use harsh discipline practices that drive kids away. 

Charters do have high expectations for their school environment, but the data clearly shows students are more likely to remain enrolled in a charter and graduate, than compared to district schools. 

3. Charters create a two-tiered system of public education. 

No one is suggesting there be a two-tiered system, rather charter proponents advocate that families have more choices. 

2. Charters don't accept students with disabilities or students learning English. 

Charters accept all students through a blind lottery.

1. Democrats don't support Charter Schools. 

Incorrect! Some of leading Democrats locally and nationally support charter schools, including: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Deval Patrick, the majority of the Democratically controlled Massachusetts legislature.