Kerr: Senate President Accountable

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Boston Herald. 

By Liam Kerr

As the host of the event at which state Senate President Stan Rosenberg “gently warned education reformers to pick their battles,” I disagree with the assertion in the editorial that his approach puts no premium on accountability (“Lesson in accountability,” May 12).

The Senate president’s push for education funding is in line with Massachusetts’ proven formula of education reform: increased revenue, high standards, and a strong accountability system to ensure those standards are met. Massachusetts invests resources where the needs are greatest and the programs are most effective — like in Lawrence, where graduation rates have jumped from 42 percent to 74 percent since the state intervened.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association bill, which would impose a moratorium on accountability, poses a threat to the state’s education success. To equate Rosenberg’s approach with the MTA’s isn’t fair. TheSenate president specifically praised the state’s accountability system in his remarks.

The MTA may well be out of touch, but the Senate president is not. Massachusetts residents want to fully fund schools, and they also want to ensure that money is spent well. The Fair Share Amendment, with strong accountability, will be crucial to doing just that.

— Liam Kerr, state director, Democrats for Education Reform, Boston