Democrats For Education Reform on Massachusetts Primary Results

Following today’s Massachusetts primary election, Democrats for Education Reform Massachusetts State Director, Liam Kerr, released the following statement:  

“We are proud to celebrate the victories of DFER-endorsed candidates Chynah Tyler, Aaron Kanzer, and Juana Matis in today’s primary contest.  Between now andNovember 8th, we look forward to helping elect these Democratic education champions to the state legislature. We will be working to ensure these victorious primary candidates and incumbents with Republican opponents will return a reform Democratic majority to the House of Representatives in 2017.

“Chynah Tyler earned her victory tonight by sharing with voters her vision that all children in Boston deserve to attend a high quality public school, whether that is a district school or a public charter school. She is a tireless champion for Boston’s students because she knows first hand the transformative power of educational opportunity. Chynah will be the first public charter school graduate to serve in the Legislature, and we couldn’t be more excited to help send her to Beacon Hill.

“Though tonight’s result in the 2nd Middlesex district wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, I want to congratulate Leland Cheung on running a thoughtful, issue-oriented campaign. In a low-turnout primary election on a Thursday, it proved impossible for a Democrat to withstand the withering negative attacks launched by the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA).  No Democrat running for the Massachusetts state Senate has ever been on the receiving end of nearly $45,000 worth of attacks from a special interest group, as the MTA ultimately spent nearly $107,000 overall on this 2nd Middlesex district race alone. 

“Democrats for Education Reform has endorsed more than 25 courageous Massachusetts Democrats running in state and municipal races over the past two election cycles. In that time, DFER has never engaged in any attacks, but given the MTA’s actions this cycle, we are reconsidering that approach. We aren’t afraid to challenge a status quo that isn’t working for our students. DFER is willing and eager to stand shoulder to shoulder with any Democrat who is a champion for children and their right to attend a great public school, whether it’s a district or a public charter. Courageous Democrats like these who have our kids’ backs can be sure that DFER has theirs.”

DFER has supported more than 25 Democrats in Massachusetts state and municipal elections over the past four years. In today’s primary election, DFER supported the following 10 candidates:

• Michael Blanton

• Michael Bloomberg

• Leland Cheung

• Ewell Hopkins

• Aaron Kanzer

• Juana Matias

• David Ouellette

• Saritin Rizzuto

• Kerby Roberson

• Chynah Tyler


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