Who We Are - Democrats for Education Reform: Massachusetts (DFER-MA)

We are a political organization that cultivates and supports leaders in the Democratic Party who champion America's public school children. Our vision is that the Democratic Party will be the champion of high quality public education.

What We Believe:

In Massachusetts, where public schools in the United States began, we know high quality public education is the cornerstone of a prosperous, free, and just society. Yet, tens of thousands of Massachusetts children – particularly children in low-income families and children of color - attend public schools that are not delivering the education those children need and deserve. School systems, once viewed romantically as avenues of opportunity for all, are too often dominated by powerful, entrenched interests that put the demands of adults before the educational needs of children. This perverse hierarchy of priorities results from our political system and thus requires a political response.

Both political parties have failed to address the tragic decline of our system of public education, but, as Democrats, we must question how we allowed ourselves to drift so far from our principles. Fighting on behalf of society’s most vulnerable individuals is what our party is supposed to do. It is our job to make sure our education system always puts the needs of kids first.

Democrats for Education Reform, nationally and in Massachusetts, aims to return the Democratic Party to its rightful place as a champion of children, first and foremost, in America's public schools. 

Massachusetts has some of the best schools in the country, but persistent achievement gaps prove that we are failing to educate far too many children. We have the capacity to make our schools the best in the world. To that end, we support leaders in our party who have the courage to challenge the status quo and who believe we must use new tools as well as expand proven programs to ensure all public school children receive a high quality education.

We believe that reforming broken public school systems cannot be accomplished by tinkering at the margins, but rather through bold and revolutionary leadership. This requires opening up the traditional top-down monopoly of school systems and empowering all parents to access great public schools for their children. While charter schools are not the answer for most children in Massachusetts, they are right for some children, and we believe in meeting parents’ demands for increased access to high performing charter schools.

The Democratic Party must commit to collaboration and partnership around school reform. Parents, students, teachers, and school and community leaders all deserve to have their voices heard in the education reform process, and everyone should have a place at the table. Massachusetts Democrats for Education Reform works to facilitate this important dialogue and ensure that all stakeholder voices are heard and considered as we move forward. Now is the time to come together to find the solutions that will allow students to excel, teachers to innovate, and communities to thrive.

Democrats for Education Reform - Massachusetts is a chapter of Democrats for Education Reform.